I barely have had enough time to even write this, but I did want to make it official: it is time to bring this blog to a close.

Reasons: The connection between faith and books no longer burns in me the way it used to. Some of it relates to why I left Altmuslimah: many people are saying many things, and I’m becoming certain that my voice does not need to be in the mix any longer. I am more than happy to retreat to the world of books, family, and (hopefully) more physical and spiritual activity.

I’ll maintain some semblance of “A Muslimah Writes” on my Goodreads or Facebook page.

Thank you for all the support through the life of this blog.

With love, warmth and peace,



2 thoughts on “Farewell

  1. Anees

    Ahhh the inevitable arrives. Thanks for everything that you did contribute while that fire was burning Sarah. Learned so much and was always great interacting with you here.

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  2. Saad Ismail

    This is my first comment here (and apparently the last). I’ve been following your blog since the past 4 years or so from an obscure city in South India. It has been fun, thank you 🙂

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