On Grace

A.R. Rahman’s acceptance speech for his award began with a single, resounding, reverberating word. “Alhamdulillah.”

I did not have the fortune to witness that moment, but my mother did. Before such an audience, in front of the top-ranking members of an industry that can get so morally debased, my mother remarked, he took God’s name. “Usually there is reluctance to take His name,” she mused. But Rahman did. The word weighed heavily in the air, taking a presence of its own. A reminder.

It’s not often that piety is manifested with such class, let alone in such a context. May God bless Rahman, bestow his talent with baraka, and keep allotting him the respect and honour he deserves, the respect he took such a long journey to attain.


One thought on “On Grace

  1. Very nice. I have even seen Shah Rukh Khan use Inshallah and Mashallah on his interviews and talk shows. At first I thought it was because of My Name is Khan, but he has continued it till now.


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