On Faith and Possessive Love

A beautiful piece titled “The Sunnah of Love” seems to be a fitting follow-up to my last post. It’s not about faith and love and strange times. Just faith and love, period. Maybe that’s the rock we need to lean on in times like these, when matters of love are so uncertain.

What especially struck me about the article was what the manner in which its subject is introduced. It opens with an account of Ali (RA) who arrived home to see his wife, the Prophet’s daughter Fatima (RA) brushing her teeth with a miswak. He is seized with jealousy for the miswak, for this inanimate object that is the point of such focus for this wife.

It’s the first time I came across such an example of possessive love since Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead, in which there is a passage that aptly describes Dominique Francon’s fierce, proudly selfish desire to keep Howard Roark and what he represents pure, intact, and all unto herself:

She was not free any longer. Each step through the streets hurt her now. She was tied to him–and he was tied to every part of the city . . . She hated the thought of him on the sidewalks people had used. She hated the thought of a clerk handing to him a package of cigarettes across a counter. She hated the elbows touching his elbows in a subway train.

We revere a person we are in love with or idealize as people revere saints, thinking about the things they touched, thinking about the mark they leave on the world and how the world so carelessly impinges upon them. The rituals, the objects, of sainthood that seem so arbitrary are born out of this love for what is holy. We can’t all be saints. We might even be skeptical of sainthood. But it’s humbling to be in a state of that possessive love, to be yearning not just for someone rare and precious, but someone who embodies some higher ideal we are reaching towards. We do it in a way that resembles the way we reach for the divine. Or perhaps we reach the divine through these temporal yearnings.

May Allah not let us needlessly long for someone who is not there, like Dominique longs for Howard. May Allah bless us with beautiful moments like Ali and Fatima in which we fiercely, possessively love what is already ours by virtue of His bounty.


6 thoughts on “On Faith and Possessive Love

  1. PinkMusings

    Lovely post with an inspiring message 🙂 Something we, as the young, single generation, can really learn from and should learn from!


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  3. Just read Br. Yahya’s article finally, after seeing so many tweeting it out there and then of course, seeing this post. It was indeed an inspirational article and I think you’ve hit the spot – yearning for someone because they embody something greater than ourselves, that we hope to move towards during our lives – that life we share with that person we so adore. Great message, as PinkMusings states. Jazak’Allahu Khairan and Ameen to your closing du’a.


  4. I fell in love with the “Sunnah of love” article …and especially that poem Ali recites to Fatima…ah..what love they had..mashaAllah..and I had almost forgotten about the Fountainhead and you brought all those memories back sister..mashaAllah..I was smiling all the way…..jazakallah khiar for making me smile wide 😀


  5. The poem and that post on MM is one of favourite posts on MM – too bad we don’t see posts like that or even taught about that aspect of the Sahaba’s lives in our classes.


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