Yep. Still a Parrot.

In the process of creating an eBook, I tried renaming an EPUB file to give it a .zip extension so that it is a zipped folder. It doesn’t work. I open it to find it’s still an EPUB file. Every time it happens, I am reminded of the anecdote where a parrot is taught to say the shahada and chants it all the time, only to squawk when its moment of death arrives. “Because it doesn’t matter what you make the parrot say,” my teacher explained. “Its heart is still the heart of a parrot.” Ergo, don’t just put the shahadah on linguistic repeat and think you’ll have it going for you in the Afterlife. It’s whether your heart is in a state of shahadah that counts.

So I tell myself, Stop renaming your file and think it will work, dammit. Its heart is still the heart of an EPUB file. At heart it’s still a parrot.

My mind is weird.


3 thoughts on “Yep. Still a Parrot.

  1. Wsalaam!
    It’s not my book actually. (Wish it was!) I work at a publisher who wants to digitize their books and join the eBook marketplace and they have me in charge of that. So this was my first project for them, which was wrapped up successfully just yesterday, Alhamdulillah.


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