Where Brownness and E-Reading Intersect

My father decided he wanted to return his Kindle DX, and the only thing we could find for packaging material to send it back were old Urdu newspapers. The situation was hilarious. “Hum yeh nahin parday,” I cackled, pointing at the Kindle. “Hum YEH partay hain!” I said, pointing at the newspapers. My parents laughed like crazy and I felt so cool. My life is average. My life is totally desi.


One thought on “Where Brownness and E-Reading Intersect

  1. For the benefit of of my non-brown readers:
    Hum yeh nahin parday = We don’t read this.
    Hum yeh partay hain = We read THIS!

    Yeah, the story does a better job of hitting the mark when it’s told in Urdu 😐


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