On Being Here.

* Mike tap *

Kidding. I don’t have anything grand to say. At least not now, but probably not ever.

But I will say this. This blog is on faith and books in strange times. Why did I go with this description? I’m a Muslim (well, trying to be one) and I’ve always adored books and the writerly mode of thinking and being. I’m in the publishing industry: right now, as an intern at a lovely small press where books are a labor of love, not money. More on that later.

But now, some more on why this blog has the right to exist. (Does it? More on that later.) It’s not being Muslim per say, or being a reader or publishing enthusiast per say, that gets me going. It’s both.

  • Both are things I am passionate about,
  • Both are things that motivate and fuel me,
  • Both inform one another to me,
  • Both are things that I cannot help being,
  • And, most importantly, both are things that are undergoing a catastrophic upheaval.

This blog sets out to explore where and if faith and the writerly existence intersect. Big, big words from a poor sap like me.

So enjoy. Hope it’s worth your time.


One thought on “On Being Here.

  1. Salaams,

    I just discovered your blog, via a circuitous traipse through Alt-Muslimah, which started off with searching for how to maintain hope and faith, being a single muslim woman over 30…as I said, circuitous!

    I’m really glad to have found your writing (especially having read your post about what prompted you to start blogging, and being able to relate so very much).

    Insha’Allah, I’m looking forward to reading more.


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